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Todo lo que quieres saber sobre el mundo de la trufa. Trufas del Señorío

History of the truffle

The truffle is known from the beginning of our Age and the man has used it as culinary resource since then.

In fact, from the Antiquity numerous historical appointments exist where Assyrians, Jews, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks refer to the truffle, where a high gastronomic value assumes to him.

Throughout the centuries, the truffle not only has been valued for the kitchen, but in different moments of the history, it has been considered to be a magic and aphrodisiac element.

It is in the Middle Ages, when, probably due to this smell of the truffle looked like to the sulphur, it did that the truffles were considered to be "devilish".

Later the Renaissance comes in Italy, and the culture of the truffle returns to re-arise again.

Nevertheless, it is not up to the 16th century when there appears the founder of the modern gastronomy (Brillat-Savarit), who is the one who puts to the truffle in the place that is deserved baptizing her as the " diamond of the kitchen ".